The Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Soil Health

When it comes to plant growth, most of us focus on the main factors: sun, soil, water, and fertilizers. However, one crucial component we often overlook is the role of mycorrhizal fungi in the ecosystem. These fungi are fascinating little organisms that form a vital symbiotic relationship with plants. While we often associate fungi with being bad for plants, Nature’s Select Piedmont explains why this type of fungi benefits your lawn.

The Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Soil Health & Plant Growth

Mycorrhizal Fungi Explained

Mycorrhizal fungi form a mutually beneficial relationship with plants. They help plants absorb more nutrients and water from the soil by forming a network of tiny filaments attached to plant roots. This increases root surface area and improves water and nutrient uptake. There are two main types of mycorrhizae: Endomycorrhizae, which penetrate plant cells, and Ectomycorrhizae, which form a sheath around plant roots.

How To Promote Mycorrhizal Fungi Growth in Soils

These fungi are great but in moderation. The good news is that we can promote their growth and activity in the soil by minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. You can also promote these fungi in your soil by planting friendly vegetation or letting leaves decay in your flowerbeds.

The Downside of Excessive Mycorrhizal Fungi

While these fungi are undoubtedly beneficial for plant health and soil structure, balance is key. An overabundance can harm plant health and lead to an unhealthy dominance of certain species. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate the negative effects of excessive fungi, like:

  • Diversifying your garden’s plant species to keep the mycorrhizal fungi balance in check.
  • Rotating crops to break the lifecycle of specific mycorrhizal fungi, preventing them from becoming overly abundant.
  • Avoiding over-fertilization to discourage the growth of these fungi as plants may become less reliant on fungi for nutrient uptake.

Balance in Nature is Key

To improve plant growth throughout your lawn, Nature’s Select Piedmont focuses on the factors that support the growth of the entire ecosystem. By understanding the role of mycorrhizal fungi, we can enhance soil health and promote plant growth. By working with nature and not against it, our team can prevent lawn diseases, tree diseases, and pests throughout your landscape here in Greensboro, NC. So, if you want a well-balanced lawn, call us at (336) 544-4554.