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Bermuda Grass Control

If you’ve noticed Bermuda grass creeping into your otherwise lovely lawn, act quickly. Nature’s Select can add Bermuda grass control measures to your regular Select Lawn Care program or Tree & Shrub program to stop its spread. Call (888) 786-9735 or request a free estimate now.

What is Bermuda grass?

Bermuda grass is an aggressive, warm-season turfgrass often used in the South that has a tendency to take over other types of grass — especially zoysia and tall fescue. It has deep roots that easily reestablish themselves if they are not completely eradicated. Quick action is important when you first notice its presence because it spreads so easily.

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Bermuda Grass Control for Lawns

We offer three options for controlling this type of grass. Which one you select depends upon your tolerance and the percentage of Bermuda grass currently in your lawn. Be sure to consult with the Nature’s Select technicians who regularly care for your lawn for a professional opinion. It may be helpful to review our lawn care tips too.

Option 1

Keep the Grass & Overseed with Rye: For many lawns where Bermuda grass is the dominant turf, this is the best option. Our Select Lawn Care program will make the most of the turf you have, while giving you the option to overseed with rye grass in the fall.

Option 2

Bermuda Suppression: In lawns that are predominantly composed of tall fescue with a few sections of Bermuda grass, suppression works well. Using a combination of control products applied twice in August, Nature’s Select can reduce the Bermuda grass population in a lawn by 85 to 95%.

Option 3

Bermuda Removal Process: This is the best option when you want to completely remove the Bermuda grass and start over with a different variety. It is not, however, a fast process. It requires time and patience.

  • First, your lawn must be fertilized and allowed to grow tall. It is then sprayed with a removal product.
  • The grass is allowed to wither and die.
  • Next, we mow the treated area at a low mowing height.
  • The affected areas are sprayed again (one to two more times).
  • Finally, we replace with new turf through seeding.

We have been using Nature’s Select for a few months now and it has made a very big difference in our yard, trees and shrubs. Very professional and thoughtful management.

Kathy K.

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A healthy yard from the soil up is the cornerstone of all we do. Our integrated approaches to lawn and tree care build health and limit the use of chemicals.

  • Works with nature, not against it
  • Supports a healthy soil microbiome
  • Minimizes nutrient runoff
  • Increases drought tolerance
  • Produces visible results
  • Lowers chemical use
  • Can reduce the need for supplemental pest controls
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Eco-friendy Bermuda Grass Control

When it comes to maintaining your lush, green lawn, be sure to ask about our Bermuda grass control options for your yard. Call (888) 786-9735 or request a free estimate now. We serve the Piedmont, Sandhills, and Triangle areas of North Carolina.

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