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Healthy Soil Service Sandhills NC

An integrated approach based on biological principles works better than the alternative. The biological approach works with nature. A total chemical dependency works against nature.

- Bill Hildebolt, PhD, CLT, CTP-CSL, Creator of the Nature’s Select Program

Lawn Care in the Sandhills of NC

A healthy yard from the soil up is the cornerstone of all we do. Our integrated approaches to lawn and tree care build health and limit the use of chemicals.

When it comes to caring for your lawn, choose the company that limits its use of chemicals while it builds health from the soil up. Nature's Select uses biologically based nutrients that fortify every blade of grass for a yard that you can feel good about. Call (888) 786-9735 or request a free estimate now. We serve the Sandhills of North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

Works with nature, not against it
Supports a healthy soil microbiome
Minimizes nutrient runoff
Increases drought tolerance
Produces visible results
Can reduce the need for supplemental pest controls

We have been using Nature's Select for a few months now and it has made a very big difference in our yard, trees and shrubs. Very professional and thoughtful management.

Kathy K.

Satisifed Nature's Select Client

Nature's Select Testimonial Sandhills NC
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Lawn Care Programs that Build Health

The Sandhills region is located in the southern part of the grass transition zone where both cool-season and warm-season grass types typically struggle. The sandy native soils, summer heat and humidity, and occasional extreme winter temperatures don't make having a healthy, beautiful lawn easy!

To get the most from your lawn, you need a lawn care company with deep knowledge of local conditions. Our soil-health based approach is applied by professional technicians who have real experience with local lawn care needs. The Nature's Select Biological programs create healthy, vibrant landscapes that starts with the soil. We utilize lawn disease and pest control as well as aeration services to achieve a beautiful, healthy environment. See our why choose us page to understand how we’re different.

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Tree & Shrub Programs

Biological Lawn Care Sandhills NC

Tree and shrub care are an important part of creating a healthy landscape. It takes years for a tree to reach the stage where it is providing shade and protection from the sun. In a study done by Concordia researcher Carly Ziter, she shows that areas with 40% or more canopy coverage are significantly cooler than areas without the canopy coverage. It only makes sense that we protect and care for our tree and shrubs with a biologically based nutrient program that builds health into the landscape. For further help, see our tree and shrub tips.

Troublesome Issues

Certain pests prove to be problematic for almost all of us. We have safe solutions for these too. Don’t let a pest or a disease get out of control in your yard. Let your Nature's Select lawn service technicians know so they can formulate a plan for treatment.

Why Choose Us?

A healthy yard from the soil up is the cornerstone of all we do. Our integrated approaches to lawn and tree care in Sandhill build health and limit the use of chemicals.

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Unique Lawn Care in the Sandhills of NC

When it comes to lawn care, the passion of Nature’s Select is to maintain outdoor spaces with healthy, sustainable practices. Call us at (888) 786-9735. We serve the Sandhills and the surrounding areas including Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and Seven Lakes.

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