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Lawn Pest Control

If you’re experiencing unwanted visitors while trying to enjoy your lawn, its time to hire our team at Nature’s Select for lawn pest control services! Enjoy a patio dinner party or open house once again in peace. Call (888) 786-9735 or request a free estimate.

Biologically Based Mosquito Control Program

Mid-summer mosquito attacks are relentless. From itching bites to worries about West Nile Virus, mosquitos know how to put a damper on summer festivities. At Nature’s Select, what we know is how to reduce their populations by 90% or more with our array of mosquito treatment products. What’s even better is that the barrier-forming residues are non-toxic to people, pets, bees, and other beneficial insects. We use a liquid application that is much easier to control and safer than the foggers used by many other companies.

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Grub Control

North Carolina Lawn Pest Control Services

For a tiny insect, grubs have the capability to inflict heavy damage on a lawn. What they lack for in size, they make up for in sheer numbers. These hungry larvae of beetles eat grass roots, which means the grass is no longer able to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. The grass then dies, causing brown patches in the yard.

That’s just the start. One type of larvae grows into Japanese beetles, and we all know the damage they cause in flower and vegetable gardens. At Nature’s Select, we use products that provide season-long grub control of these destructive pests.

Mole & Vole Control

Moles create what looks like a superhighway of tunnels across your lawn, causing obvious, prolific destruction. The problem in trying to control moles is that they are designated as a protected species, so the state must issue a permit to exterminate or relocate them. At Nature's Select, we have developed a few options to address this problem, one of which is repelling them. We’ll assess your situation and help you choose the most appropriate form of treatment.

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We have been using Nature's Select for a few months now and it has made a very big difference in our yard, trees and shrubs. Very professional and thoughtful management.

Kathy K.

Satisifed Nature's Select Client

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Healthier Landscape = Healthier Quality of Life

In addition to our pest and lawn insect control assistance, we offer an array of products and services all designed to maintain your outdoor spaces with healthy, sustainable practices that have a lower chemical footprint than traditional lawn care companies.

Why Choose Us?

A healthy yard from the soil up is the cornerstone of all we do. Our integrated approaches to lawn and tree care build health and limit the use of chemicals.

  • Works with nature, not against it
  • Supports a healthy soil microbiome
  • Minimizes nutrient runoff
  • Increases drought tolerance
  • Produces visible results
  • Lowers chemical use
  • Can reduce the need for supplemental pest controls

At Nature's Select, our services and products work well together, and we have designed complete programs including lawn pest control for numerous customers. Call (888) 786-9735 or request a free estimate now. We serve the Piedmont, Sandhills, and Triangle areas of North Carolina.

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