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Lawn Aeration & Seeding

The most beautiful lawns you see are ones that are most likely aerated (and for cool-season lawns, also seeded in the fall). For many soil types, compaction is a problem that prevents oxygen, water, and nutrients from reaching your grass’s roots. This causes shallow roots and makes grass more susceptible to drought, heat, and disease stress.

If you’re meticulously caring for your lawn but are still not seeing the results you want, it may be that the nutrients simply can’t reach the roots to do their job. Nature’s Select aeration service could be the answer. Call (888) 786-9735 for information on our Select Lawn Care programs, or request a free estimate now.

What is Aeration and Overseeding?

Foot traffic, regular mowing, and even rainfall are constantly compacting your soil. Our aeration service involves removing small plugs of grass and soil throughout the lawn, which opens up space for oxygen, nutrients, and water to more deeply penetrate the lawn and reach the roots. This service is most effective when grass is actively growing, usually spring and/or fall for cool- season lawns, and summer for warm-season lawns.

Overseeding is the process of seeding the bare spots of an already established lawn in order to fill it in or to add healthier varieties of grasses to the mix. The combination of aeration and overseeding gives a healthy boost to your lawn.

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Seasonal Services

For cool-season grasses, both fall aeration and spring aeration help break up compacted soil, enable better oxygen, and facilitate water penetration to the roots, as well as help to develop a rich topsoil. Your grass will have greater nutrient uptake giving you better and deeper root growth.

Spring & Summer

Spring and summer aeration services prepare your lawn to respond better to spring and summer nutrient applications and to absorb summer irrigation and rainfall with less runoff or puddling. Root growth is also improved.

Fall Aeration

Fall aeration helps existing grass improve root systems and nutrient uptake and benefits any seeding done in fall. The healthier root system and nutrient uptake facilitates winter survival and improves appearance.

Fall Seeding

Fall seeding is required to maintain dense, healthy strands of grass in cool-season lawns. The average life cycle of fescue is about three years, and every year, the normal fescue lawn loses about one-third of its grass to age; it only makes sense to replace what’s lost.

We have been using Nature’s Select for a few months now and it has made a very big difference in our yard, trees and shrubs. Very professional and thoughtful management.

Kathy K.

Satisifed Nature’s Select Client

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Services for Complete Lawn Care

Patchy grass is not the only problem evident in lawns. Lawn diseases and pests often wreak their havoc as well. Nature’s Select can diagnose any problems with your lawn as well as care for the trees and shrubs on your property. Be sure to check out our FAQ page and lawn care tips we’ve compiled to best help you care for your yard. Our passion is to maintain outdoor spaces with healthy, sustainable practices that nurture both your family and your community.

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Why Choose Us?

A healthy yard from the soil up is the cornerstone of all we do. Our integrated approaches to lawn and tree care build health and limit the use of chemicals.

  • Works with nature, not against it
  • Supports a healthy soil microbiome
  • Minimizes nutrient runoff
  • Increases drought tolerance
  • Produces visible results
  • Lowers chemical use
  • Can reduce the need for supplemental pest controls

For a landscape that you can feel good about, call Nature's Select at (888) 786-9735 or request a free estimate now for our lawn aeration and other services. We serve the Piedmont, Sandhills, and Triangle areas of North Carolina.

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