3 Things Your Lawn Is Trying to Tell You

You can learn a lot from your grass if you just pay attention. Yet, learning the language of your lawn isn’t easy, and many homeowners fail. That’s why so many of them turn to Nature’s Select Piedmont for help. Our lawn care experts work with nature, not against it, to give you the best-looking yard on the block. However, you don’t have to speak lawn care to know when something isn’t right with your yard. Here are several things your lawn could be trying to tell you.

3 Things Your Lawn Is Trying to Tell You

1. It’s Thirsty

It’s common for homeowners to assume their lawn is healthy and well-watered as long as the blades are green. However, if your footprints linger long after you’ve walked through the grass, it could be a sign you need to water your lawn. Grass that doesn’t rebound from being walked on is usually in the early stages of wilting, which is a key indication that the blades are thirsty.

2. The Mower Blades Are Dull

If you mow your own lawn and start to notice that the grass is turning a yellowish-brown color, you might want to check the mower blades. Dull mower blades shred the grass rather than cut it clean. This can leave the grass blades in constant repair mode, which makes your lawn look scraggly. So, get up close and personal with your grass, and if you don’t see clean-cut tops, you need to sharpen those blades.

3. The Soil Is Compacted

Is your lawn thinning in places? If so, this is a sign that your soil is compacted and it’s time for aeration. When the topsoil compacts, nutrients and water can’t penetrate to the roots, causing your lawn to thin out or die. Compacted soil is common in the early spring, especially if there was a lot of snow during the winter. Yet, the soil can compact any time of the year, especially if your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic.

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