3 Things to Do If Your Trees Are Covered in Ice

Wintertime brings plenty of cold wind, snow, and ice. While the icicles hanging from trees might look charming and decorative, they can actually cause damage to your foliage. While you can’t control Mother Nature and all that she throws our way here in the Sandhills area, you can clean up afterward to save your landscaping. Here are some of our best practice tips when it comes to caring for your ice-covered trees. When you need experts on your side, call Nature’s Select Sandhills.

3 Things to Do If Your Trees Are Covered in Ice

1. Safely Check the Damage

Assessing the ice damage on your trees from a safe distance. Never walk directly under trees that are heavily coated in ice, as limbs and branches could fall at any moment. Check to see if the iced limbs are touching any electrical lines or are hanging over any part of your home or a neighbors home. You’ll also want to check for ice-covered branches hanging over sidewalks and your driveway. Call your local utility company to clear iced limbs that are near powerlines, and carefully remove any broken twigs that are low enough for you to reach.

2. Give Your Trees Time

While it might be tempting to clean all of the branches and limbs coated in ice, this may not benefit the tree. Instead, wait to see if the tree bounces back, especially if a string of clear, warmer days are in the forecast. However, if you need any branches removed right away, call an expert arborist for assistance. Never try to cut limbs and branches yourself, especially if they have ice on them.

3. Don’t Make it Worse

Tree branches are naturally flexible and can hold a significant amount of ice weight. Still, it would be best if you didn’t make the situation worse by shaking branches to release snow and ice. You should also never use a broom to knock ice and snow off of high branches, nor should you salt around the base of your trees to melt ice. Harsh chemicals like ice melt will get into the root system and kill your tree.

We Care About Trees

While you can’t control the weather, you can control the care of your lawn, trees, and shrubs. Residents throughout Sandhills, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and Seven Lakes trust the team at Nature’s Select Sandhills. If you’re worried about overgrown tree limbs and shrubs, we can help protect them by tying them together ahead of an ice storm. We can also help treat all your trees for diseases, treat your lawn for pests, and improve your soil’s quality by balancing the pH. To get a free estimate for your winter lawn care, contact us today at (910) 757-0359.