3 Reasons to Schedule Lawn Care in the Winter

While winters tend to be rather mild here in North Carolina, there’s still a good chance that the first few months of a new year will be brutal. Ice, snow, and cold winds can come out of nowhere. These elements can make lawn care tricky, but here at Nature’s Select Sandhills, we like to encourage homeowners to take advantage of this time to plan their spring and summer lawn care.

3 Reasons to Schedule Lawn Care in the Winter

1. Prevention Over Treatment

During the colder months, you might not think about the pests living in your soil and lawn. However, if you wait until the spring and summer months to get rid of pests, your focus will be treatment, not prevention. One of the biggest pests we treat is mosquitoes. Preventing these blood-suckers from ruining your spring and summer plans is our specialty. But if you wait until spring, it could be too late. 

2. Seeding & Aeration

If your lawn isn’t seeded and aerated before the winter, you might find that it tends to die and struggles to reemerge in the spring. But, when you call on our team for seeding and aeration, we can help bring it back to life. Still, this type of lawn care should be planned for, which is why winter is the perfect time to get on our books for the next year.

3. Boxwood Care

During the colder months, your boxwoods and trees require just as much attention and care. But if you wait until the first snowfall, it might be too late. So, plan ahead and make sure that your foliage is included in your lawn care schedule. This ensures that you continue to nurture their root system, giving them all the nutrients they need to survive the next winter.

Plan Your Lawn Care with Us

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