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An integrated approach based on biological principles works better than the alternative. The biological approach works with nature. A total chemical dependency works against nature.

– Bill Hildebolt, PhD, CLT, CTP-CSL, Creator of the Nature’s Select Program

Lawn Care Services in Seven Lakes, NC

At Nature’s Select, we don’t believe that a thick, green lawn should come at the expense of the environment. We’ve found a way that builds health from the soil up. Call us at (888) 786-9735 or request a free estimate now to see the Select difference in your yard.

A healthy yard from the soil up is the cornerstone of all we do. Our integrated approaches to lawn and tree care build health and limit the use of chemicals.

Works with nature, not against it
Supports a healthy soil microbiome
Minimizes nutrient runoff
Increases drought tolerance
Produces visible results
Can reduce the need for supplemental pest controls

We have been using Nature’s Select for a few months now and it has made a very big difference in our yard, trees and shrubs. Very professional and thoughtful management.

Kathy K.

Satisifed Nature’s Select Client

Nature's Select Testimonial Seven Lakes NC
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Lawn Services for a Pristine Yard

We’ve found that a healthier landscape leads to a healthier quality of life for you, your family, and the environment. Our sustainable three-step process both nourishes and protects. Critical to this process is finding the correct balance of nitrogen levels that promotes healthy, green grass without overgrowth. We’ve found we can prevent some problems just by finding this balance. To learn more about caring for your lawn between services, see our lawn care tips.

  • First, we apply our Select Lawn Care products that contain biologically based nutrients that nurture the soil.
  • Next, we work on improving the biological activity in the soil, creating a healthy microbiome.
  • Finally, we improve the soil structure with practices such as our lawn aeration service. What results is a lawn that may be more resistant to pests and diseases.
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Tree & Shrub Care in Seven Lakes, NC

Biological Lawn Care Seven Lakes NC

Far more than just being esthetically pleasing, trees and shrubs play an important role in caring for the environment. The Select Tree and Shrub program focuses on the combination of our Select line of products, correct timing in the application, and constant monitoring for pests and diseases. We want to make sure that your shrubs and trees are protected and nourished so that they will be around for years to come. See our FAQ page and tree and shrub care tips for more information on what you can do to maintain a yard now and in the future.

Troublesome Issues

Pests and diseases know how to spoil an outdoor summer party. At Nature’s Select, we can help give you back control with the following programs:

Why Choose Us?

A healthy yard from the soil up is the cornerstone of all we do. Our integrated approaches to lawn and tree care build health and limit the use of chemicals. In addition to our residential services, we also offer sports field management and commercial property care.

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Unique Lawn Care

For lawn care that’s more than surface deep, call Nature's Select at (888) 786-9735, or request a free estimate now. We serve Sandhills, and the surrounding areas of Seven Lakes, Pinehurst, and Southern Pines in North Carolina.

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