How to Tell If Your Trees Are Struggling This Year

Taking care of your trees is an essential responsibility. Trees add beauty to your yard, provide shade, and also help in cleaning the air. But as much as we love our trees, they may struggle sometimes, and it’s up to us to recognize and act accordingly. Whether it’s due to pests, diseases, or other factors, it’s important to be aware of signs indicating that your trees are struggling. Here are just a few of the signs your trees are struggling this year and that it’s time to call Nature’s Select Triangle.

How to Tell If Your Trees Are Struggling This Year

The Leaves are Discolored or Dropping

If you notice that the leaves of your trees are discolored and falling off prematurely, then there’s a problem. This sign can be an indication of pests, diseases, or lack of nutrients in the soil. If left unchecked, these problems can lead to long-term damage. So, take the time to inspect your trees to determine the culprit and act on the problem.

The Trunk is Damaged or Rotting

A trunk is the foundation of the tree, and any damage to it can lead to the death of the entire specimen. So, regularly check your trees for any cracks, signs of decay, or bark damage. Any of these can be an indicator of disease or pest invasion.

Dead Branches or Limbs

Trees are supposed to be full of life. However, if you notice that some of your tree branches are dead or exhibit signs of decay, take it as a sign your tree is struggling. Dead branches attract pests and can cause accidents if they fall off. Prune your dead branches and limbs to prevent the problem from spreading to other parts of the tree.

Lack of Growth or Stunted Growth

If your trees fail to grow or the growth rate is stunted, this can be a sign of stress. It can be due to a lack of water, nutrients, or sunlight. Leaning on the expertise of professional arborists can help determine the cause of the stress, followed by the adoption of appropriate mitigation measures.

Insect Infestations or Diseases

Insects and diseases are some of the most common causes of tree problems. Different pests have different modes of operation and can display different symptoms. Additionally, some pests may be invasive or introduce diseases. Symptoms such as holes in leaves, webbing, and sawdust-like materials on your tree trunk or branches can be signs of pest infestation. Diseases can also manifest in many ways; browning leaves, soft spots on tree trunks, and discoloration of bark. Regular inspection of trees can help spot symptoms of infestation or diseases early, preventing long-term damage.

Don’t Let Your Trees Struggle

While your trees can experience a wide range of symptoms and issues, there’s no reason to let them suffer. Especially when you have Nature’s Select Triangle here to help! If you own property in Chapel Hill, NC, and are worried about your trees, give us a call at (919) 240-4239. We’ll work with nature, not against it, to address your tree care concerns and lawn pests. So, don’t wait! Get your free estimate today.