Can My Grass Recover from Brown Patch?

It’s natural to want your lawn to look lush and green, especially in the summer. But what happens when you notice brown spots on your grass, ruining the overall appeal of your landscape? Brown patch is a common lawn disease that can quickly turn your green grass into an unsightly mess. The big question is: Will grass recover from brown patch? Nature’s Select Sandhills is here to explain.

Can My Grass Recover from Brown Patch?

What Is Brown Patch?

Brown patch is a fungal disease sprouting from the Rhizoctonia fungus and affects almost all grass types. The symptoms are most notable by the brown or yellow patches left around your lawn, usually circular or irregular in shape. Infected areas may also have a darker ring around them, giving them a “smoke ring” appearance. These areas can grow to several feet in diameter and spread rapidly in humid, warm weather.

What Contributes to Brown Patch?

Some lawns experience brown patch every year, and that’s because homeowners unknowingly create prime conditions. Over-fertilizing, incorrect watering practices, and compacted soil can all contribute to the development of brown patch. This is why maintaining adequate moisture levels, proper soil aeration, and balanced fertilization are all a must when trying to protect your lawn.

Does Grass Recover?

The good news is that grass can recover from brown patch with proper treatment. The primary treatment for brown patch is fungicide application. Our solutions kill the disease-causing pathogens around your landscape without causing harm to other areas. With the right treatment, many of our customers’ lawns recover quickly.

Can Brown Patch Spread to Neighboring Lawns?

One common question is whether brown patch can spread from one lawn to another. The answer is yes, as the fungus can hitch a ride on garden equipment, footwear, or animals and find its way to other grassy areas, like your neighbor’s lawn. Therefore, it’s important to take precautions with your landscape and what or who walks through your own.

Ready to Treat Your Brown Patch?

Brown patch may seem daunting, but with the right measures, it can be treated, and your grass can recover. Nature’s Select Sandhills has just the answer when treating lawn diseases, pests, and shrub care. So, don’t struggle this year! If you live in Sandhills or Pinehurst, NC, call us at (910) 757-0359.