It’s not uncommon for homeowners to worry about their grass, but overlook the health of trees and shrubs. However, these living structures are an important part of your property, and taking care of them ensures that everything else on your lawn remains happy and healthy. Depending on the season, Nature’s Select Sandhills has specific programs designed to treat seasonal insects and other diseases that can harm trees and shrubs.

Autumn Tree and Shrub Care

Treat for Late-Season Insects

In North Carolina, it’s not unheard of to have late-season caterpillars and other insects pop up. Your trees are likely to be home to thousands of webworms or orange striped oakworms, both of which can cause significant damage to your trees. One of the easiest ways to know if your trees have been infected is to look for chewed up foliage or bare bark spots in the trunks of your trees. You’ll also find a rather large web covering the surface, a definite indication that it’s time to treat your trees for late season insects.

Look for Insect Eggs

Some insects lay their eggs in the fall, giving way to pests in the spring. Autumn is a great time to treat for these eggs. Insects like aphids, soft scales, lace bugs, and whiteflies love to lay eggs on your tree trunks or the leaves of your shrubs. These insects are also responsible for stunted growth and diseases in your lawn. With the right fertilizer and soil treatment, we can ensure that these insects don’t stick around once they hatch.

Treat Any Lingering Diseases

Before the cold weather sets in, you must get any lingering diseases treated. Untreated diseases and illnesses in your trees and shrubs can linger and cause bigger health issues in the spring. Tree diseases can easily travel to other healthy trees on your property, so it’s essential to your entire lawn that you restore health and balance.

Contact Us for Professional Service

Nature’s Select Sandhills understands that your trees and shrubs are an investment. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you protect them through biological enhancement treatments and solutions. If you’re looking for autumn tree care, pest control, or lawn care services in Sandhills, NC, contact us today. Request a quote online or call (910) 240-4239.