Add These 3 Winter Blooms to Your Garden

During the spring and summer months, gardens around North Carolina thrive with colorful flowers and bright green vegetation. However, most, if not all, of these blooms hibernate in the winter, leaving your landscaping bare. While Nature’s Select Sandhills works on keeping your lawn healthy, you can add these vibrant winter blooms to your flowerbeds.

Add These 3 Winter Blooms to Your Garden

1. Christmas Rose

The Christmas rose is a favorite amongst florists who love seeing the snowfall against brightly colored blooms. With its white petals, yellow stamens, and vibrant evergreen leaves, the Christmas rose is perfect for shady gardens. It’s also very deer resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about these wild herbivores destroying your winter garden. 

2. Winter Aconite

As a low-growing plant, the winter aconite releases a bright yellow, daisy-like flower that peeks out from under a fresh blanket of snow. However, don’t be surprised if you find new blooms popping up in other places, as aconite tends to spread. Furthermore, you’ll want to plant this in well-drained areas and soil with plenty of moisture. 

3. Wintersweet

If you’re looking for a winter bloom that gives off a certain scent, then wintersweet is perfect. You’ll smell the lovely spicy aroma long before you spot the bush. Upon further inspection, you’ll notice that the flowers grow right along the branches. Wintersweet thrives in sunlight, so make sure you plant it in a well-lit area with well-drained soil. 

Compliment Your Garden with A Select Lawn Care Program

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