4 Reasons Weeds Are Thriving in Your Lawn

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow abundantly in lawns, often causing you a lot of frustration, disappointment, and work. They keep appearing despite numerous efforts to eradicate them on your own. This is where Nature’s Select Triangle steps in! Our specialty is getting rid of weeds, so we know exactly why weeds thrive in your lawn.

4 Reasons Weeds Are Thriving in Your Lawn

1. The Weather Conditions Are Just Right

Weather is a major factor controlling the growth and spread of weeds. Where there is moisture, warm weather, and sunlight, weed seeds can germinate and thrive. Eventually, your grass will struggle to compete for these resources, leaving you with an unhealthy lawn that weeds have taken over.

2. Poor Lawn Maintenance

Poor maintenance of your lawn is another factor that contributes to weed growth. Overgrown grasses provide a safe haven for weed seeds, which thrive in areas that are not regularly maintained. Therefore, mowing your lawn regularly and keeping the grass at a healthy length of two to three inches is essential.

3. Soil Nutrients

The type of soil supporting your lawn also plays a critical role in weed growth. Some types of soil have a higher content of weed seeds than others. Additionally, lawns with nutrient-deficient soil provide an ideal environment for growing weeds. Soil aeration, fertilization, and topdressing are practical solutions to improve soil health and prevent weed growth.

4. Lack of Weed Control

Lastly, the most obvious reason your lawn might be overrun by weeds is the lack of weed control efforts. The truth is, preventing weeds from growing is often easier than managing and removing them. Ensuring your lawn receives sufficient water, fertilizer, and aeration is a great place to start. Additionally, pre-emergent applications in the spring and fall can help prevent future growth.

Weed Prevention Is Possible

Weeds can be frustrating and overwhelming, but they can be prevented and managed with the right lawn management techniques. If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy, balanced lawn, it’s time to call Nature’s Select Triangle. We work with homeowners like you throughout Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, boosting the biological makeup of landscapes across the area. By doing so we also help prevent lawn diseases and get rid of pests. So, why wait? Contact us today at (919) 240-4239.