3 Surprising Facts About Voles

Voles are mouse-like rodents that spend most of their time underground. They are notorious for damaging growing bulbs, trees, turf, and plant roots. They tend to live in underground colonies, going undetected for months. Therefore, understanding vole behavior and diet is crucial for preventing their damage. Nature’s Select Triangle has a team of experts who are ready to help control these lawn pests, and here are some surprising facts.

3 Surprising Facts About Voles

1. Voles Have a Short Lifespan

For such a tiny body, voles tend to do a lot of damage. Yet, what’s even more surprising is that they do so in a short amount of time. In the wild, the average vole has a lifespan of just three to six months. So, from birth to adulthood, these rodents don’t live long, which explains why they’re in such a hurry to eat and breed. 

2. Voles Live in Colonies

As semifossorial rodents, voles can live in a wide range of habitats. However, they are most common here in North America and live in complex underground colonies. Generally speaking, a vole colony is no bigger than a quarter of an acre, but can be larger in areas with few natural predators. 

3. Voles Reproduce Rapidly

If you feel like your vole problem just won’t go away, you’re not wrong! Female voles reach maturity in just 35 days and will have 5-10 litters in less than a year. Each litter usually has about three to six pups, making it extremely difficult to control their population. Trapping and getting rid of a vole colony often requires expert help because of how quickly they reproduce. 

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