3 Soil Considerations to Make Before Planting New Shrubs

Planting new shrubs can be an exciting addition to your garden or landscape. However, before starting this process, it’s essential to consider the soil condition. The soil type can significantly impact the growth and health of your shrubs, potentially leading to a poor outcome. But thankfully, you’ve got Nature’s Select Sandhills on your side to help guide you through these three considerations before planting new shrubs.

3 Soil Considerations to Make Before Planting New Shrubs

1. Soil pH

One of the major considerations you should make before planting new shrubs is the soil’s pH level. The pH levels, ranging from extremely acidic (0-6.9) to extremely alkaline (7.1-14), can differ depending on your location. Before planting new shrubs, it is essential to test the soil pH level to determine if it suits the type of shrubs you plan to plant. Most shrubs thrive in slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil, with a pH level between 6.0 and 7.5. Research on the specific shrub type you plan to plant will enlighten you on the ideal pH levels required.

2. Soil Texture

Another important consideration to make before planting new shrubs is the soil texture. Soil texture describes the size of the soil particles, which can affect the soil’s drainage and water retention capacity. Sandy soil, for instance, has larger particles that do not hold water and nutrients, and clay soil has smaller and densely packed particles that hold water for longer periods. Depending on the type of shrub you plan to plant, soil with the right texture will help allow air movement around the root zone and support root growth.

3. Soil Structure

Soil structure relates to the arrangement of soil particles into aggregates or clumps. Healthy soil should have ideal aggregates with pore spaces between the aggregates, allowing for root growth and absorption of water. When soil aggregates break down into tiny particles, the soil structure is compromised, leading to poor drainage, poor aeration, and waterlogging. Before planting new shrubs, get a clear understanding of soil structure to ensure it’s adequate for new shrubs. You can improve soil structure through regular aeration, composting, and avoiding soil compaction.

We Care for Your Shrubs All Year Long

Planting new shrubs might seem like a no-brainer, but there is plenty to consider when adding them to your landscape. If you’ve already planted new bushes or are considering doing so this upcoming spring, Nature’s Select Sandhills can help care for them properly! Our boxwood program specifically targets the health and growth of your shrubs, ensuring they repel pests and diseases. So, before you plant any new shrubs, get your free estimate from our Aberdeen, NC, team today when you call (910) 757-0359.