3 Reasons to Choose Biological Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can really put a damper on backyard summer plans. They buzz around, looking for the right snack, which, unfortunately, is you and your family. While there are some temporary solutions available, Nature’s Select Triangle offers the most effective and safest mosquito solution around. Our biological approach kills more than 90% of your yard’s mosquito population and helps prevent more from springing up! Still, there are three other reasons to choose our mosquito control program.

Why Choose Biological Mosquito Control

1. Liquid Application

Unlike the fogger solutions that other companies use, Nature’s Select Triangle uses a liquid application. When you rely on fogging, you can’t guarantee total coverage, especially if the day of application is windy. But with our liquid application, we can target specific areas with accuracy. This gives us total control to treat your lawn and the affected areas where you don’t want mosquitoes.

2. No Risk to Other Insects

You have some beneficial grubs and insects on your lawn, most of which die from other harmful insecticides. However, our biological solution is safe for beneficial bugs and won’t harm your plant life. Our mission is to help stabilize the natural landscape around your home. This is why we consciously treat mosquitoes in a way that won’t harm the good insects around your home.

3. Zero Harm to Bees

Bees are now on the endangered species list. So, Nature’s Select Triangle is proud to say that our mosquito control solution has zero effect on the bee population around your home. We know how important these insects are to pollinating crops and your flower beds, so we’ve ensured we don’t do harm. While other insecticides leave a harmful residue, ours is non-toxic, so you can rest easily!

A Natural Solution That Works

If you’ve struggled with mosquito control in the past and are looking for something more natural, then call Nature’s Select Triangle. We’re proud to say we’ve been providing mosquito control, lawn pest control, and lawn care services to residents throughout Chapel Hill, NC, for years! So, call us today at (919) 240-4239 for a free estimate!