3 FAQs About Biological Lawn Care

At Nature’s Select Triangle, we know that the root of a healthy lawn lies within the soil. This means our team works hard for your lawn and landscape on three fronts: nutrient application, biological soil activity, and physical soil structure. With our Biological Program, we’re able to create a more sustainable, healthier lawn. However, many of our clients still have questions about how biological lawn care works. So, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

3 FAQs About Biological Lawn Care

1. What is biological lawn care?

Biological lawn care is kind of what it sounds like: It’s the lawn care method that avoids the harsh, high-nitrogen dose fertilizers that other lawn care providers use. Instead, our method is to restore the physical, chemical, and biological imbalances in your soil without the high dosages, which helps restore natural nutrient balance in your lawn. With a more balanced soil, your lawn will come in thicker and greener every year. 

2. What’s the problem with conventional lawn care?

The microbiome of your soil is crucial for the health of your lawn and landscape. Unfortunately, the microorganisms that make up this healthy and thriving microbiome are often wiped out with conventional lawn care methods and too many harsh chemicals. So, what you’re left with is an exhausted grassroots system that can’t fight off bacteria, fungi, and insect infestations.

3. Will biological lawn care get rid of weeds?

Weeds are a symptom, not a cause. Their presence in your lawn means you have an imbalance in the soil microbiome and the pH levels. Once pH levels of your soil are restored, your lawn can fight off weeds. Furthermore, biological lawn care also helps combat the signs of heavy foot traffic and makes your grass more drought-resistant in the summer.

Are you ready for biological lawn care?

When it comes to your lawn care and soil health, leave it to the experts at Nature’s Select Triangle. Our team knows just how to restore pH levels and feed your lawn without using harsh fertilizers. We can also help with aeration and seeding and tree or shrub care. If you live in Chapel Hill or Durham, NC, or the surrounding areas, then get your biological lawn care estimate today by calling (919) 240-4239.