3 Common Types of Fall Weeds

Fall is a great season to enjoy the natural foliage’s beauty and see the leaves change colors. However, it is also when many weeds start popping up on your lawn. At Nature’s Select Triangle, we know this is frustrating. So, when you see these three types of fall weeds coming up, give us a ring!

3 Common Types of Fall Weeds

1. Chickweed

Chickweed is a common weed that grows during the fall season here in North Carolina. It is recognizable by its small, white flowers and is known for its rapid growth and spread. Chickweed grows in damp and cool areas, so if you have an area in your yard that tends to retain moisture, such as near a gutter or drainage pipe, it is likely to attract this weed.

2. Clover

Another common weed that pops up in the fall is clover. It’s a broadleaf weed known for its ability to retain nitrogen, making it a popular source of nutrients for your lawn. However, clover can soon spread and become a nuisance. It can quickly overrun your lawn if not tackled promptly. The best way to remove clover is to mow your lawn regularly and seek professional care if it gets out of hand.

3. Dandelion

Dandelion is one of the most commonly recognized weeds. It is a perennial weed that grows throughout the year, but the cool weather of fall can slow it down. You can identify a dandelion by its yellow flowers and long taproots. These taproots allow it to grow deep into the soil, making it challenging to remove manually. Dandelion can be difficult to eliminate, so getting the pros involved is always best.

Let’s Prevent Those Fall Weeds

To maintain your garden and lawn during the fall season in Chapel Hill, NC, call Nature’s Select Triangle at (919) 240-4239. We specialize in working with your lawn, using the right mixture of biological applications to help restore your lawn and ward off weeds. We’re doing our fall applications now, so get your free estimate today. We can treat your boxwoods and trees, prepping your entire lawn for winter.