Your Spring Lawn Care Checklist

When it comes to caring for your lawn, Nature’s Select Sandhills starts with the biology and condition of your soil. A healthy, green lawn that’s resistant to diseases and weeds starts by treating what’s below the surface. One of the ways we open up your lawn and help it thrive is through our spring seeding and aeration. But in order to get the most out of our visit, here’s your spring lawn care checklist to do before we arrive.

Your Spring Lawn Care Checklist

Clean Up Lawn Debris

Between Mother Nature and human activity, your lawn could use a good cleaning this spring. Before you have your soil aerated, it’s best to remove any layer of thatch that’s built up during the colder months. You should also clean up any twigs or branches that fell from your trees as well as any trash that’s been hidden under the snow. Removing these things from your lawn will also prevent springtime pests from invading your landscape. 

Sharpen The Mower Blades

Before you need to cut the grass for the first time this spring, make sure you sharpen the blades. Using dull blades on your lawn will not result in freshly cut tops, but will rather shred your grass blades. Shredded blades tend to be more susceptible to diseases and pests, which could prevent a lush, green lawn this year. So, it’s always best to sharpen mower blades before your first cut.

Pick Out Your Fertilizer

The point of aeration is to open up compacted soil and give your lawn a chance to breathe. This spring chore also allows key nutrients and water to penetrate and feed grassroots. However, choosing the wrong fertilizer could have the opposite effect. To find that one that’s right for your lawn, you’ll need to know the type of grass you have and maybe even have your soil tested. If you’re not sure, Nature’s Select can also take care of feeding your lawn properly during our aeration and seeding visit. 

Prepare Your Lawn for Any Occasion

Getting your lawn ready for the spring and summer months doesn’t have to be difficult. It just takes a little bit of work and a simple phone call to Nature’s Select Triangle. We have programs that fit every budget for homeowners throughout Sandhills and Pinehurst, NC. In addition to aerating your lawn, we can help prevent lawn pests, diseases, and even take care of your boxwoods. To get your free estimate, give our office a call at (910) 757-0359.