Why Improving Soil Quality Matters

Spring is in the air and any evidence of winter is fading away. However, if you notice your lawn isn’t bouncing back from its winter slumber, you might want to test the soil. Soil quality in North Carolina matters, especially if you want to have a vibrant, rich landscape. At Nature’s Select Piedmont, our motto is to work with nature, not against it, and it all starts with healthy soil and lawn care regime.

Why Improving Soil Quality Matters

Keeps Pests at Bay

Promoting healthy soil not only enriches your landscape but also keeps pests in check. Pests thrive in a lawn that’s undernourished and not treated well. But, when you start to care for the soil and promote strong, green grass growth, these pests have a hard time. Additionally, by promoting healthy soil, you also promote a healthy microbiome for earthworms and other helpful creatures below the surface.

Reduce Weed Growth

Weeds are some of the most dreaded parts of lawn care. Thankfully, when you treat your lawn from the ground up, you reduce the chances of weeds germinating and sprouting in your lawn. That’s because most weeds don’t do well when the soil is enriched and primed for grasses. Furthermore, the more you feed and care for your lawn, the thicker it grows, which ultimately chokes out any weeds.

Increases Drought Tolerance

Nothing ruins summer fun quite like a brown, dead lawn. However, when you enrich the soil and care for what’s happening below the ground, you make your lawn more drought-tolerant. This means you won’t have to water as often and you won’t have to worry about your lawn quickly dying under the hot summer sun.

We Take the Biological Approach

When it comes to caring for your lawn, Nature’s Select Piedmont knows just what you need. Our lawn care programs take the biological approach, enriching the soil of your lawn with all the nutrients it needs each year. We believe that a healthy landscape can also improve your quality of life. So, if you’re a resident in Greensboro or High Point, NC, request an estimate for your lawn care today by dialing (336) 544-4554. Don’t forget to ask us about aeration and seeding and tree and shrub care.