The Top 5 Flowering Shrubs for Your Landscape

Planting shrubs in your landscaping is a great way to add contrast and texture. As woody perennials, these bushes can even add windbreaks when planted in clusters around your home. Yet, what many people fail to realize is that some shrubs can serve as both added greenery as well as give off pops of color. At Nature’s Select Sandhills, we specialize in shrub care and we love to share our passion with our clients. So, here are some of our favorite flowering shrubs you should add to your landscaping this year.

The Top 5 Flowering Shrubs for Your Landscape

1. Azaleas

Are you looking for a pop of color that stems from a hardy green shrub? Then the azalea is the perfect addition to your garden. Many people go with the bright pink, double petal bush that blooms from early spring until the first fall frost. The azalea bush is self-deadheading, making this the perfect plant for homeowners who want something low maintenance.

2. Buddleia Pugster

Commonly referred to as the Butterfly Bush, the Buddleia Pugster is a small, yet mighty shrub. Blooms come in deep blue or purple, and sprout from early summer to late fall. The cluster of flowers also gives off a distinct honey fragrance that attracts butterflies of all kinds. Even hummingbirds and honey bees love this flowering shrub. 

3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. These shrubs make a bold and colorful statement when you weave them in throughout your landscape. These hardy shrubs grow to be about four feet tall, making them the perfect backdrop for your other flowers and greenery. They can also withstand temperature fluctuations and long stretches of humidity. 

4. Black Lace Elderberry

If you love the look of cherry blossom trees but want those pale pink blooms all summer long, then you need the black lace elderberry shrub. Known for its deep purple foliage and lemon-scented pink blossoms, this shrub is an excellent addition to any home landscape. It can also serve as a privacy shield outside of a large window since it grows to be six feet tall and eight feet wide.

5. Pieris ‘Forest Flame’

The Pieris ‘forest flame’ provides your landscaping with year-round vibrancy and foliage. Each spring, new whorls unswirl to reveal flame red, fading pink, or pale white flower petals before reaching the glossy dark green for the summer. With a slow-growing habit, this shrub takes some patience, but it is well worth it. Once mature, it will stand about four to seven feet tall and be just as wide.

Shrub Care Is in Your Future

If you have shrubs throughout your landscaping, then you know how important it is to maintain them. Proper care and knowledge are required when working with shrubs, which is why Pinehurst, NC, residents turn to Nature’s Select Sandhills. We also take care of trees, lawn diseases, and pests. Get your free estimate today by calling us at (910)757-0359.