The 5 Components of Healthy Soil

The health of your lawn and landscape starts with what’s happening below the surface: the soil. If you don’t have healthy soil, you’ll struggle with pests, weeds, and grass growth. So, what are the components of healthy soil, and how can you get it around your home? Well, it starts with understanding what it takes to achieve suitable soil, and then ends with a call to Nature’s Select Triangle for help.

The 5 Components of Healthy Soil

1. Minerals

Soil is comprised of several different minerals, all essential for plant growth. Key elements include carbon, calcium, manganese, nitrogen, sulfur, potassium, and phosphorous. These minerals work together to provide life and food for grass, trees, shrubs, and even the microorganisms that need to thrive. 

2. Organic Matter

When we refer to the organic matter in your soil, we’re talking about the dead and decaying stuff. This matter comes from fallen leaves, dead animals, animal feces and contributes to nitrogen, phosphorous, and sulfur levels in the ground. Ideally, healthy soil consists of 3-5% of organic matter.

3. Water

Water is a critical element for all living things on Earth. So, it’s no surprise that this element needs to be found in healthy soil. Without water, soil dries up and becomes uninhabitable, making it impossible to sustain life. So, if you want to achieve healthy soil and a great lawn, you’re going to need water and plenty of it.

4. Oxygen

Like water, oxygen in the soil is crucial for all the living organisms found below the surface. About 50% of the pore space in your soil holds oxygen. Airflow is vital for plant growth, which is why aeration is crucial. Additionally, the respiration of soil microorganisms produces plenty of carbon dioxide that needs to be replaced with fresh oxygen.

5. Microorganisms

Did you know a teaspoon of soil contains anywhere between 100 million to 1 billion microbes? It’s true! These microorganisms include fungi, bacteria, algae, protozoa, arthropods, nematodes, and worms. The soil on agricultural landscapes usually has a higher concentration of microbes, but regardless, these are essential to a healthy lawn.

Healthy Soil Starts Here

Achieving healthy soil with the right balance of all these components isn’t easy. That’s why you need help from the professionals at Nature’s Select Triangle. The lawns we manage around Chapel Hill, NC, are not always ideal for plant growth, but we can quickly turn things around. We can even take care of your trees and shrubs, treat any lawn diseases, and take care of unwanted lawn pests. So, give us a call today at (919) 240-4239.