Soil Care: Adapting Your Approach to Changing Weather

Have you ever heard the saying, “Give a plant good soil, and you’ll be amazed at how it grows?” It’s true! As lawn care, Nature’s Select Piedmont understands how important it is to care for soil year-round to ensure a healthy landscape. However, changing weather conditions can affect the soil’s health, so the approach to soil care must adapt accordingly.

Soil Care: Adapting Your Approach to Changing Weather


Spring is the time when the snow melts, and the ground begins to thaw, providing ideal conditions for planting. Spring soil care involves conducting soil tests to determine the soil’s nutrient and pH levels. It’s also the perfect time to take advantage of our pre-emergents, lawn feeding, and biological enhancements.


Summer soil care is crucial, as hot weather and dry spells can stress plants and reduce soil moisture and nutrient levels. Keeping the soil cool is essential by using mulch, shade cloth, or plant covers. Summer is also the perfect time to treat your soil with biological enhancements and weed control. We can also enhance your soil with added iron to help sustain your lawn during try spells.


During the fall, aeration and seeding become important. You should also have your soil tested again, checking for low levels of nutrients that we can replace. Similar to Spring care, pre-emergents can be added to protect your lawn from weeds and give your grass what it needs to deal with the cooler weather ahead.


Winter care often involves a calcium application to stabilize pH balances. Doing so optimizes soil ecology and grass growth. It also gives your lawn all the nutrients it needs to fight off cold-weather diseases and early spring pests. Don’t skip winter soil care if you want your lawn to look lush and green all year long.

We Treat Lawns At the Source

Green grass doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a result of a healthy soil ecosystem. If your lawn in Greensboro, NC, is struggling, it’s time to employ year-round lawn care from Nature’s Select Piedmont. Our soil experts know just what it takes to maintain soil care. We can also help keep your trees and shrubs in good health. So snag your free estimate today when you call (336) 544-4554.