Japanese Beetles: 3 Facts You Should Know

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Japanese beetles are among the most troublesome pests for homeowners. These common lawn pests chew through just about any vegetation, including your favorite rose bush. Japanese beetles make even the healthiest tree look dead, which is why Nature’s Select Piedmont gets so many calls for help. Our tree and shrub program targets these beetles, as well as other tree and shrub pests, making us the go-to solution. Additionally, there are several facts we want you to know about Japanese beetles.

Japanese Beetles: 3 Facts You Should Know

1. They Are Invasive

As their name might suggest, Japanese beetles are not native to the United States. In fact, they weren’t found here until 1916, when they were accidentally brought into New Jersey. In Japan, these beetles are not seen as a pest, but here in the U.S., that’s not the case. So, unfortunately, they tend to be a major problem for both residential landscapes and farms.

2. They Feed in Groups

Japanese beetles prefer to eat in groups. While one beetle can’t do much damage on its own, several of them together can destroy your favorite tree. While eating, a beetle will send out what is called a “congregation pheromone” to attract others. Because of this chemical signal, you could see more than a dozen pests feasting at one time.

3. Their Lifecycle Means Trouble

Unfortunately, your problems with Japanese beetles don’t just start and stop with the adults. During June and July, adult beetles are busy destroying your plants and mating. After laying her eggs, a female beetle will die, and her offspring will hatch in September. These tiny grubs then go to town on the roots of your grass, feasting and growing all winter until they emerge. So you can see why these pests do just as much damage below ground as they do above.

Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

Nature’s Select Piedmont knows how important your landscaping is, which is why we’ve developed a highly effective biological program targeting insects, grubs, and diseases. We proudly keep Japanese beetles and other pests out of lawns all around Piedmont and Greensboro, NC. We also take care of lawn diseases, aeration and seeding, and mosquitos. So if you want to work with nature and not against it, give us a call today at (336) 544-4554.