Despite your best efforts in proper lawn care, sometimes your lawn and landscaping can be attacked by small underground rodents. In Sandhills, NC, both moles and voles are a common problem for homeowners, destroying plant roots and creating dirt mounds throughout lawns. If you’re looking for expert care and solutions, then reach out to the team at Nature’s Select Sandhills. We use a three-prong approach to help eliminate your mole or vole problem.

Do I Have Moles or Voles?


The first step to finding a mole or vole solution is to understand which rodent species you’re dealing with. One of the easiest ways to do so is by taking note of the destruction and the diet. Moles are meat-eaters, traveling through an underground system they’ve created, feasting on insects and grubs. Moles are also easily identifiable if you’re able to get a good look at one. They’ll have paddle-shaped feet with prominent digging claws. They also tend to be dark brown or black in color.

Voles, on the other hand, tend to feast on plants and other vegetation. This makes your landscaping flowers and gardens vulnerable to these tiny munchers. Voles also look a lot like field mice. They are light brown in color and tend to live in colonies in underground burrows.


Moles are a protected species in our state, which means you need a permit to remove or exterminate. That’s why many homeowners are encouraged to treat grubs as a preventative measure to control moles. Another way to get rid of moles is to repel them. Our biodegradable replant will keep your lawn mole-free for up to 60 days.

To treat your vole problem, we’ll identify their runways and lay down a rodenticide bait. It’s not uncommon to require multiple applications, but getting rid of voles in your lawn will ensure that your ornamental landscaping remains healthy and intact.


Once your moles and voles are gone, restoring your lawn caps off our complete package. We’ll work hard to ensure that the underground mole tunnels and vole nests are closed up, grass seed is laid down, and new plants are planted to keep your landscaping looking pristine. Once we’re done, your friends and neighbors won’t be able to tell you ever had a rodent problem.

We Control Moles and Voles

Homeowners throughout Sandhills, Pinehurst, and Southern Pines, NC, turn to Nature’s Select Sandhills for all of their lawn care needs. This includes mole and vole control, as well as grub control and tree and shrub care. Get your free estimate online or contact us today at (910) 757-0359.