3 Ways to Deal with Drought

As North Carolina homeowners, we are no strangers to the challenges of drought. With hot summers and sporadic rainfall, keeping our lawns lush and green can be a constant battle. However, there are proactive steps we can take to create drought-resistant outdoor spaces. Below, Nature’s Select Triangle walks you through some ways our biologically-based lawn care can achieve this and help you deal with drought.

How to Deal with Drought

1. Proper Soil Preparation

Proper soil preparation is key to creating a resilient lawn that can deal with drought. We test your soil to determine its pH level and nutrient content. This helps us identify any deficiencies that must be addressed before planting new grass or plants. We can also aerate your lawn regularly to help promote healthy root growth and allow water to penetrate deep into the soil.

2. Choose the Right Grass

Choosing the right type of grass or plants for our climate is also essential for creating a drought-resistant landscape. Here in North Carolina, warm-season grasses, like Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass, are better suited for hot summers and limited rainfall. These grasses have deep root systems that can access water well below the surface. Native plants are also a great option as they are well-adapted to local conditions and require less water once established.

3. Proper Watering Practices

Watering your lawn properly is crucial when dealing with drought. To conserve water and promote deep root growth, it’s best to water your lawn early in the morning when evaporation rates are low. Avoid watering in the evening, as prolonged moisture on the grass blades can promote fungal diseases. You can also use a rain gauge or moisture sensor to monitor how much water your lawn actually needs.

Have Green Grass All Year Long

Having a lawn that deals with drought well is a homeowner’s dream. With Nature’s Select’s expertise, this dream can become a reality for Chapel Hill, NC, residents. Our approach ensures that your lawn is equipped to thrive in all conditions. So, contact us today at (919) 240-4239 for a free estimate for all your lawn, tree, and boxwood needs.