3 Signs of a Fungal Lawn Infection

A healthy and green lawn is the pride of many homeowners. Unfortunately, sometimes a lawn can become infected with fungus, leading to brown patches, discoloration, or even complete destruction. If your yard is showing signs that it’s not as healthy as you would like it to be, then it could be time to look for signs of a fungal lawn infection. Here are three signs to look out for in order to spot a potential problem before it becomes too severe. Then, give Nature’s Select Sandhills a call.

3 Signs of a Fungal Lawn Infection

1. Discolored Patches

One of the most common signs that your lawn may have a fungal infection is the appearance of discolored patches in an otherwise healthy-looking lawn. The color of the patch will vary depending on the type of fungus you’re dealing with, but the most common colors are yellow, orange, or white. These spots will typically form in clusters and can get larger over time if left untreated.

2. Mushrooms or Toadstools

Another telltale sign that you may have a fungal infection in your lawn is the presence of mushrooms or toadstools growing from underneath the grass blades. These fungi feed off decaying organic matter and can be dangerous if ingested by humans or pets, so they should be removed immediately once spotted.

3. Dead Grass

Finally, if your lawn has large patches of dead grass that don’t seem to respond to watering and fertilizing treatments, then this could also be an indication that there is a fungal infection present in your lawn. Fungi thrive off damp conditions, so these dead spots could be caused by excessive moisture feeding the fungi.

Fungal Lawn Care is Possible

If you notice any of these three signs in your yard, then it’s time to call Nature’s Select Sandhills. We proudly serve residents throughout Pinehurst, NC, and beyond. With our biological lawn care, seeding, and disease control, we can restore your lawn to its former glory. So, request your estimate from our team today by calling (910) 757-0359.