3 Reasons Why Leaves Should Stay on the Ground

Leaves are an important part of the autumn landscape. They provide a splash of color and add to the overall beauty of the season. However, there is one big question that remains: should leaves stay on the ground or be picked up and disposed of? Nature’s Select Piedmont explains three of the many reasons leaves should stay on the ground and how they benefit your trees.

Reasons Why Leaves Should Stay on the Ground

1. Leaves Provide Homes for Small Animals

Leaves provide homes for small animals and insects. By staying on the ground, leaves allow these animals to live in a comfortable environment where they can find food and shelter. Furthermore, leaves play an important role in the food chain. They act as a source of food for many creatures. So, by picking up leaves, you may disrupt this delicate balance and have a negative impact on the local ecosystem.

2. Leaves Improve Soil Quality

Leaves play an important role in improving soil quality. As they decompose, they release valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, into the soil. This helps to enrich the soil and improve its ability to support plant and tree life. By picking up leaves, you may remove these valuable nutrients from the soil and disrupt the natural cycle of growth and decay.

3. Leaves Reduce Green House Gasses

By bagging up your leaves and sending them away to the landfills, you’re increasing your carbon footprint and greenhouse gasses. Millions of bagged leaves are sent off to landfills every year, resulting in a large release of methane gas. Unfortunately, methane is one of the biggest culprits in creating the greenhouse effect. So, by leaving your leaves on the ground, you reduce your contribution to unnecessary methane. 

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