3 Benefits of Spring Aeration

Aeration is the process of puncturing the ground with tiny holes to promote oxygen flow and nutrient absorption. However, most homeowners wait until later in the year to aerate their lawns and then get frustrated when they don’t see results. That’s why our entire team here at Nature’s Select Triangle promotes springtime aeration. Here are some of the benefits of having this done early in the season.

3 Benefits of Spring Aeration

1. Prepares Your Lawn

Aeration should be done when the weather is warm, but springtime is the ideal time. Having your lawn prepared early will ensure that it grows, and new seeds can take quickly. Over the winter, your lawn probably developed a layer of thatch, which can prevent water and rich nutrients from penetrating the ground. This thick layer of leaves, dead grass, and lawn waste can stop a healthy lawn in its tracks.

2. Relieves Soil Compaction

In addition to a layer of thatch, your lawn also has some soil compact that needs to be relieved, in order for your lawn to come in lush and healthy. Relieving that pressure from the compacted soil opens up your lawn to accept nutrients once you fertilize. Decompacting the topsoil also ensures you won’t have rain puddles or flooding in your lawn since any water can now easily be absorbed into the soil. 

3. Promotes Root Growth

The key to a healthy, green lawn is a healthy root system. Aeration is the best way to care for your lawn’s root system. Puncturing the ground allows for oxygen flow and rain penetration, both essential elements for your lawn to grow and root systems to establish themselves. Having deep, healthy roots makes your lawn more drought-resistant and gives your home a stunning landscape that’s vibrant and green all year long. 

Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Aeration is a key part of lawn care. Nature’s Select Triangle proudly provides this service to residents throughout Chapel Hill and Durham, NC. This can be done in either the spring or the fall, which helps prepare your lawn for the season’s changes. We also provide lawn pest control, disease control, and boxwood shrub care. For your free estimate, visit us online or call (919) 240-4239.