3 Benefits of Pruning Your Trees in the Fall

Are your trees looking and feeling a little overgrown? Then fall pruning is an excellent maintenance method that can dramatically affect the health of your trees. Not only does pruning back branches before winter encourage new growth in the spring, but it can also protect your home and family from any heavy or falling limbs in the winter. Here are several other benefits you can expect when you call on the pruning professionals from Nature’s Select Triangle.

3 Benefits of Fall Tree Pruning

1. Value and Appearance

Pruning your trees has a significant impact on the value of your property. Well-kept foliage is attractive, thus adding more curb appeal to your lawn, potentially increasing the amount potential buyers will pay for your home. If you’re considering selling your home in the spring, then fall pruning is a great way to increase value and attract potential buyers. Plus, it’ll be one fewer thing you have to get done before putting your home on the market. 

2. Overall Health

Pruning trees promotes new growth and can even remove diseased or unhealthy branches. Removal of these damaged branches prevents the spread of an infection or disease and allows your tree to heal. Furthermore, when you remove these unwanted segments of a tree, healthy and vibrant areas have a chance to flourish. 

3. More Sun Exposure

Did you know that trees need about three to four hours of direct sunlight, even in the winter? Fall pruning removes thick areas of twigs and foliage, allowing more sunlight to penetrate to lower-reaching branches. Additionally, trimming the tree promotes a better flow of oxygen, all things your woody perennials need to make it through the winter months and bud in the spring.

The Meticulous Care You Want

At Nature’s Select Triangle, our passion is helping homeowners throughout Chapel Hill, NC, maintain healthy and vibrant lawns. We take the time to nurture the soil, so you’re left with a stunning landscape. We do so by offering top-notch lawn care programs, tree and shrub programs, and lawn pest control. So, whether you need tree pruning for the fall or more, you can get a free estimate by calling us at (919) 240-4239.