3 Benefits of Centipede Grass

Centipede grass, sometimes called “poor man’s grass,” is a great option for any buy homeowner in the Piedmont area. While it does rely on very specific soil and landscape conditions, there are plenty of benefits to this type of lawn. So, let’s take a look at some of those benefits before you call Nature’s Select Piedmont for lawn care.

3 Benefits of Centipede Grass

1. Low Maintenance

Centipede grass is a slow-growing species, which means it’s perfect for homeowners who don’t want to fuss with frequent mowing. It also doesn’t need as much fertilizer, and it can even tolerate soils with too much nitrogen. Furthermore, this type of grass can grow well in acidic soils with pH balances between 4.5 to 6.5.

2. Tolerates Droughts

The root system of centipede grass doesn’t require as much water as the other grasses. In fact, during seasons of extreme heat or if and when you fail to water it as you should, this grass will go dormant. While it does turn brown, a quick watering will revive these blades in no time.

3. Can Grow in the Shade

Many homeowners struggle to get other grasses to grow in shady lawns. Then they turn to centipede grass since it grows nicely in moderately shady areas. But, like other grasses, it does prefer full sun. Still, if you’re looking for grass that you won’t have to worry about growing under that shade tree, centipede grass is it.

Biological Care for Your Lawn

Here at Nature’s Select, we believe that the health of your lawn begins below the surface. Our team of professionals works with all types of grasses, including centipede, Bermuda, and zoysia grasses. Additionally, we proudly offer our services to homeowners throughout Piedmont, NC. So, if you need lawn care, tree and shrub care, or aeration and seeding, get your free estimate online or call us at (336) 544-4554 today.